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Elevating Pumpkin Spice: Fresh Ideas for Independent Retailers

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Pumpkin spice continues to be a popular flavor, expanding beyond coffee shops and into various food products. Independent retail store owners can tap into this trend by testing pumpkin spice products like cereal bars, crispy rice desserts, pancake mixes, and bread. Incorporating unique twists such as pumpkin 5-spice or pumpkin chai spice can provide a fresh take on the traditional flavor.

Fall has arrived, and with it comes the annual invasion of pumpkin spice products. From lattes to cookies, it seems that no food or beverage is safe from the pumpkin spice craze. But with the market already saturated with these products, how can independent retailers leverage the trend and stand out from the competition?

According to a recent article, pumpkin spice has come a long way from its origins as a coffee shop flavor. It has now become a seasonal staple in the grocery store, with countless packaged food and beverage products featuring the flavor. In the grain-based foods category, Resh points out that there are still untapped opportunities for pumpkin spice, such as cereal bars, crispy rice desserts, pancake mixes, and bread. Pumpkin spice has already made its way into various products like cereal, energy bites, bread, and popcorn. To keep the trend fresh, combine pumpkin spice with other spices like cayenne or turmeric to create captivating snack crisps or biscuits.

While pumpkin spice is undeniably popular, creating elevated twists on pumpkin spice, such as a five-spice blend with notes of pepper and star anise or a chai spice blend with black tea and cardamom. Banks also recommends incorporating smoky background notes using smoked vanilla or chipotle pumpkin spice, adding a bit of heat or evoking the flavors of a fall campfire. For a savory twist, retailers can experiment with combining pumpkin spice and nuts to create an Egyptian pumpkin spice dukkah.

To keep up with consumer demand offer limited-time offerings (LTOs) in grain-based foods like bakery items. These seasonal trophies can generate excitement and entice customers to try new pumpkin spice creations.

While pumpkin spice products continue to flood the market, it’s essential for independent retailers to explore other fall or holiday-related flavors, like apple pie, for inspiration. The key to success lies in creating unique twists on classic flavors and constantly innovating to capture customers’ attention.

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