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Marty, the grocery automation solution employed by GIANT Foods since 2019.

Automation in Grocery Stores: What Independent Retailers Need to Know

Labor automation is becoming more and more common in grocery stores. In February, one of GIANT Food Stores’ robotic assistants, “Marty,” dramatically escaped a store in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. Small grocery store owners already had a lot to think about: extreme price changes, rapidly emerging markets, now robots? Here’s everything independent retailers should know about labor…

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three assorted drinking glasses with beer

Capitalizing on the Rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner: A Guide for Independent Retailers

The craft beer scene is constantly evolving, and the latest trend is the rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner. This type of beer is making waves in the market, and savvy independent retailers should take note. Here’s how you can capitalize on this trend. The Rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner A recent article in Punch Drink…

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