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Chamberlain Coffee: Reaching Gen Z and Beyond

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Chamberlain Coffee, the viral brand launched by YouTube star Emma Chamberlain, has successfully expanded into retail while maintaining its appeal to Gen Z. By focusing on attributes like accessibility and sustainability, independent retailers can also attract the Gen Z audience and beyond.

Chamberlain Coffee, founded by YouTube sensation Emma Chamberlain, is making waves on social media. With 12 million subscribers on YouTube and 15 million Instagram followers, the brand has gained massive popularity among Gen Z. However, Chamberlain Coffee is now aiming for broader recognition outside its core demographic.

Initially, the brand was exclusively available online, offering whole-bean coffee bags. It later expanded its product range to include single-serve pouches, Keurig pod coffee, and matcha powder. The brand’s presence on TikTok has garnered over 363 million views, showcasing Chamberlain creating enticing beverages using its coffee and matcha products.

The challenge for Chamberlain Coffee is to appeal to consumers outside of Gen Z and millennials who may be unfamiliar with the brand. Ahern tackled this challenge by highlighting the better-for-you attributes of the brand’s latte products. Emphasizing the low sugar content and the use of almond and coconut milk, Chamberlain Coffee aimed to catch the attention of a wider audience at Walmart.

The brand’s success lies in its ability to align with Gen Z’s ideals and preferences. Recognizing the desire for more accessible coffee options, Chamberlain Coffee launched its first retail exclusive product, the ready-to-drink latte drinks. The brand also prioritizes sustainability by using commercially compostable coffee pods, which aligns with Gen Z’s increasing concern for the environment. Furthermore, Chamberlain Coffee taps into the Gen Z interest in bold colors and flavors, offering eccentric lavender, strawberry, and blue matcha blends.

While Chamberlain Coffee’s core demographic remains Gen Z, the brand is also attracting interest from older generations. Its premium and accessible values have broad appeal, transcending age groups. Leveraging its brand recognition, Chamberlain Coffee is pursuing collaborations and expanding into other product categories, such as hair care. By closely monitoring social media feedback, the brand continues to innovate and develop new offerings that resonate with consumers.

Independent retailers can use Chamberlain Coffee’s success in reaching Gen Z while appealing to a broader customer base. By emphasizing accessibility, sustainability, and innovative product offerings, independent retailers can attract the Gen Z audience and beyond. Chamberlain Coffee’s journey serves as a valuable lesson in adapting and evolving to meet the ever-changing preferences of young consumers.

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