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The Sweet and Salty Disruption: How Brands Like Rap Snacks Are Changing The Game

In the snack industry, opposites indeed attract. Hershey’s recent endeavor to disrupt the $17 billion sweet and salty category, as reported by Food Dive, underscores the immense potential of this market. But it’s not just the confectionery giants making waves. Brands like Rap Snacks are bringing unique flavors to the table and turning heads with…

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Wendy’s Breakfast and Late-Night Surge: A Shining Example for Retailers

Wendy’s, the international fast-food chain known for its burgers and Frosties, has recently reported a major boost in Q2 sales, thanks to a strategic focus on breakfast and late-night meals. As reported in Nation’s Restaurant News, Wendy’s successful navigation of the dayparts offers valuable insights for independent retailers looking to maximize their sales. In Q2,…

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