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Capitalizing on the Rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner: A Guide for Independent Retailers

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The craft beer scene is constantly evolving, and the latest trend is the rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner. This type of beer is making waves in the market, and savvy independent retailers should take note. Here’s how you can capitalize on this trend.

The Rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner

A recent article in Punch Drink highlighted the growing popularity of Italian-Style Pilsners. These beers are known for their crisp, refreshing taste, and they’re gaining favor among craft beer enthusiasts. Despite this growing interest, traditional Pilsner brands like Pilsner Urquell, Becks, Bitburger, and SixPoint still dominate the market.

However, sales data from Evidnt, a leading data and analytics company for independent retailers, reveals that newer Pilsner brands are gaining traction. Brands like Victory, Summit Twins, and Pony are seeing an increase in demand.

Making the Most of the Pilsner Trend

To take advantage of this trend, consider these steps:

  1. Stock Up on Popular and Emerging Pilsners: Carry a mix of both traditional and newer Pilsner brands to cater to a variety of tastes.
  2. Promote Your Selection: Use signage, social media, and other marketing tactics to highlight your selection of Pilsners.
  3. Offer Tastings: If possible, offer tastings of different Pilsner brands to help customers discover their new favorite.
  4. Boost Your Business with Evidnt: One of the best ways to capitalize on the Pilsner trend is by partnering with Evidnt. Evidnt’s Shop Local feature promotes locations that sell specific beers. This means that when a brand advertises, your store could be featured as a place to purchase that beer. By signing up with Evidnt, you can increase your store’s visibility and draw in customers who are eager to try the latest Pilsner.


The rise of the Italian-Style Pilsner offers an exciting opportunity for independent retailers. By stocking both popular and emerging Pilsner brands, you can cater to a broad range of customer tastes. Partnering with companies like Evidnt can further boost your business by increasing your store’s visibility among beer enthusiasts. Stay ahead of the curve by capitalizing on the Pilsner trend today.

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