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Jameson Tops the Whiskey Chart in US Bars and Restaurants: What This Means for the Hospitality Sector

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A recent report from Union’s OnPrem Insights by Union. reveals that the Irish whiskey brand Jameson is the top whiskey choice for consumers at US bars and restaurants. This finding, along with several others, can provide valuable insights for those in the hospitality industry looking to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

The report analyzed purchasing habits of consumers who bought spirits on at least five separate visits to Union venues in 2022. For brand retention, it examined the likelihood of a guest repurchasing the same brand on their next visit if they consumed the same spirit category. Jameson led the way in this respect, demonstrating the strongest retention among whiskey brands at 48%.

However, when it comes to whiskey subcategories, American whiskey reigns supreme with a whopping 74% retention rate. This signifies a high probability of a guest opting for American whiskey on their subsequent visits. If they decide to switch from this category, vodka (22%) and then Tequila (15%) are their likely choices.

Other types of whiskey, such as Irish whiskey and Canadian whisky, showed robust retention rates of 65% and 63%, respectively. The overall whiskey category (inclusive of all styles) matched vodka with a retention rate of 53%, outperforming other categories. This data presents a big opportunity for bars and restaurants to convert guests who like to try whiskey into guests who will order it more regularly.

The rising popularity of Jameson and other whiskey brands at bars and restaurants represents a golden opportunity for the hospitality industry. Given the brand’s strong retention rate, establishments could strategically promote Jameson and similar whiskey brands to capitalize on this trend.

Moreover, establishments should also consider broadening their American whiskey offerings, given its high retention rate. This could involve diversifying whiskey cocktails or promoting tasting events to encourage patronage and loyalty.


According to a report by Union’s OnPrem Insights, Irish whiskey brand Jameson emerged as the most consumed whiskey at US bars and restaurants, with the strongest brand retention rate of 48%. However, American whiskey topped the whiskey subcategories with a 74% retention rate. This data presents significant opportunities for the hospitality industry, which can strategically leverage these trends to boost sales and customer satisfaction.

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