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International Delight’s French Vanilla Creamer: A Gateway Flavor for Coffee Shops

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International Delight’s French Vanilla creamer has been found to be a popular and familiar choice for consumers, acting as a gateway flavor that encourages them to try more experimental options. Coffee shop owners can learn from this and use familiar flavors to introduce customers to new and exciting creamer choices.

International Delight, the well-known brand, has discovered that its French Vanilla creamer plays a significant role as a gateway flavor for coffee lovers. Kallie Goodwin, VP of traditional creamers for Danone (the parent company of International Delight), explained that many consumers start their day with the familiar and comforting taste of French Vanilla in their coffee. As the day progresses, they become more open to trying new and adventurous creamer flavors.

This finding holds practical application for independent retail store owners, especially coffee shop owners, looking to offer a diverse range of creamer choices to their customers. By providing familiar and popular options like French Vanilla, coffee shops can create a comfortable starting point for customers to explore and experiment with different creamer flavors.

Here are some key takeaways for coffee shop owners:

  1. Start with Familiar Flavors: Offer traditional and well-loved creamer flavors like French Vanilla as a staple in your coffee shop. This will attract customers who seek comfort in familiar tastes.
  2. Promote Experimental Choices: Showcase unique and creative creamer options as the day progresses. Encourage customers to try new flavors alongside their regular favorites.
  3. Create a Flavorful Journey: Curate a creamer menu that takes customers on a flavor adventure throughout the day. Consider offering seasonal or limited-time creamer options to keep the excitement alive.
  4. Engage and Educate: Train your staff to engage with customers and recommend different creamer choices based on their preferences. Educate them about the flavors’ characteristics to help customers make informed decisions.
  5. Stay on Trend: Keep an eye on emerging creamer trends and introduce them to your menu. This will show that your coffee shop is up-to-date and always offering something fresh and exciting.

By applying these strategies, independent coffee shop owners can entice customers to explore a diverse range of creamer flavors while providing the familiar and comforting experience they desire. International Delight’s success with its French Vanilla creamer as a gateway flavor can serve as an inspiration for coffee shops to create delightful and engaging creamer experiences for their customers.

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