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Snoop Dogg Launches Ice Cream Brand: Dr. Bombay Ice Cream

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Snoop Dogg, the iconic rapper and entrepreneur, has teamed up with Happi Co. to launch his own ice cream brand called Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. The collection features seven delicious flavors, each carefully curated to bring joy and relaxation to ice cream lovers. The brand’s vision is to create a lifestyle brand, starting with ice cream, and spreading happiness with each scoop.

Legendary hip-hop artist Snoop Dogg has taken a leap into the world of frozen desserts with the introduction of his latest creation, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream. In partnership with Happi Co., Snoop Dogg carefully curated seven delightful flavors to make his mark in the ice cream aisle.

Dr. Bombay Ice Cream made its debut on freezer shelves nationwide, starting with a rollout in 3,500 Walmart stores on July 24. The brand’s name, face, and persona are embodied by Snoop Dogg’s sidekick, Dr. Bombay, who holds a special place in Snoop’s heart and is an integral part of the brand’s identity.

The ice cream collection offers a diverse range of flavors, allowing customers to find their own “flava.” From the rhythmic blend of Bonus Track Brownie to the creamy delight of Cocoa Cream Cookie Dream and the refreshing zing of Iced Out Orange Cream, each flavor is a unique treat.

Snoop Dogg shared his passion for ice cream, stating that it’s more than just a snack to him – it’s a way to chill, relax, and find happiness. With Dr. Bombay Ice Cream, he aims to bring a smile to people’s faces and ease their minds, infusing each scoop with his heart and soul.

The launch of Dr. Bombay Ice Cream marks the beginning of Snoop Dogg’s venture into the frozen dessert industry under the parent company Bosslady Foods. The joint venture between Snoop Dogg and Happi Co. has paved the way for this exciting new product line, demonstrating shared core values and authenticity that make for a strong partnership.

Sam Rockwell, CEO of Happi Co., emphasized the importance of aligning with brands that embody authenticity. The collaboration with Snoop Dogg was a natural fit, as both companies shared a vision and passion for creating unique and delicious frozen treats. With Happi Co.’s expertise in the frozen space and Snoop Dogg’s creative vision, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream is set to be a recipe for success.

As Snoop Dogg’s first lifestyle brand starting with ice cream, Dr. Bombay Ice Cream aims to spread happiness and delight consumers with every flavor-packed scoop. With the brand hitting Walmart shelves and more stores in the future, ice cream enthusiasts and fans alike can look forward to a delightful experience with each indulgence.

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