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Hershey’s Sweet and Salty Revolution: A Call for Retailers to Prepare

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There’s a sweet and salty revolution in the offing, and it’s being led by none other than the iconic confectionery giant, Hershey’s. According to a recent Food Dive article, Hershey’s is aiming to disrupt the massive $17 billion sweet and salty category, blending its successful brands with unique, savory twists.

What’s on the menu? A bold lineup of products such as Jolly Rancher Misfits Gummies, Reese’s Big Cups with Pretzels, Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Pretzels and Almonds, and many more. The idea is to create a fusion of flavors that will appeal to consumers who are constantly seeking novel snacking experiences.

How Can Retailers Capitalize on This?

Prepare for Increased Demand: With Hershey’s stepping up its marketing efforts, an increased demand for these new offerings is expected. Retailers should take note and stock these products sufficiently to avoid missing out on potential sales, even just enough to test the demand.

Tap into Promotional Efforts: Hershey’s is planning to launch a significant promotional campaign to build customer awareness and demand. Retailers should align their in-store promotional efforts with those of Hershey’s. Consider eye-catching product displays and leverage the branded promotional materials Hershey’s will likely provide.

Cater to Diverse Tastes: Hershey’s product innovation offers something for everyone. From sweet and tangy to sweet and salty, the diverse flavors cater to different consumer preferences. Make sure your store mirrors this diversity in its product offering.

Incorporate Cross-Category Placement: Consider the strategic placement of these sweet and salty snacks across different sections of your store, not just the snack aisle. This could lead to impulse purchases. For instance, placing Hershey’s Milk Chocolate with Pretzels and Almonds near the checkout counter might tempt customers into a last-minute buy.

Leverage Hershey’s Brand Power: Hershey’s, as a well-known and loved brand, will likely attract consumers to try its new range. Ride this wave of consumer curiosity and loyalty to boost your sales.


Hershey’s bold move to revolutionize the sweet and salty category presents a tremendous opportunity for retailers. With effective preparation and strategic marketing alignment, you can tap into the potential of these innovative snacks to drive sales and enhance customer satisfaction. It’s time to get ready for this sweet and salty disruption!

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