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Retail’s Healthy Future: Top Health and Wellness Trends for 2023

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As we move further into 2023, health and wellness continue to be a significant driver for consumer purchasing decisions. A recent article published by SmartBrief outlines four key health and wellness trends that are shaping consumer behavior this year. For retailers, understanding and adapting to these trends can be instrumental in maintaining relevancy and driving sales.

  1. Rise of Plant-Based Products: As consumers become more conscious of their health and the environment, the demand for plant-based products is on the rise. Retailers should consider diversifying their product range to include more plant-based options, from food items to beauty products and beyond.
  2. Tech Wellness: With the rise of wearable tech and wellness apps, consumers are becoming more proactive about their health. Retailers can capitalize on this trend by offering the information like calories, carbs, and other food details for the Tech Wellness apps as buyers track their weight.
  3. Focus on Mental Health: Mental health is increasingly recognized as an integral part of overall wellness. Retailers can respond to this trend by offering products that promote mental well-being, such as stress-reducing products, wellness books, or meditation tools.
  4. Personalized Health: Personalized health solutions, such as DNA-based nutrition or skincare, are becoming more popular. Retailers can embrace this trend by partnering with some of these new brands, products, and services, featuring an affiliate link in their store, and get money for sign ups.

Lastly, remember to communicate these changes to your customers. Use social media, email newsletters, and in-store signage to let your customers know you’re responding to their health and wellness needs.


Health and wellness trends continue to shape consumer behavior in 2023, with a focus on plant-based products, tech wellness, mental health, and personalized health. Retailers can adapt to these trends by diversifying their product range, offering tech wellness products, promoting mental well-being, and providing personalized health and wellness solutions.

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