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Healthy Juice Offerings with Pressed Juicery’s Hydration+ Collection

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Pressed Juicery has released its new Hydration+ collection, which includes two electrolyte-packed juices and a fitness shot. Independent retailers can expand their healthy juice offerings by adding these products to their inventory.

Looking to add some refreshing and healthy options to your retail store’s beverage selection? Look no further than Pressed Juicery’s newly launched Hydration+ collection. These all-natural electrolyte beverages are perfect for health-conscious customers, and they offer a range of benefits to keep customers hydrated and nourished.

The Hydration+ collection consists of two juices and a fitness shot. The first juice, Hydration+ Greens, is a powerful combination of cucumber, pineapple, spinach, romaine, and sea salt. Packed with electrolytes, it also contains zinc and vitamin C for added support to the immune system. This juice is perfect for customers looking for a refreshing and nutrient-rich beverage.

The second juice in the collection is Hydration+ Dragon Fruit. This unique blend combines honey, sea salt, electrolytes, lemon, lime, and dragon fruit. It also contains vitamin C, zinc, and probiotics, offering a delicious and health-boosting option for customers. The vibrant colors and flavors of dragon fruit make this juice a visually appealing choice as well.

For customers looking to replenish their bodies after a workout, the Hydration+ collection offers the Watermelon Fitness Shot. This shot features the hydrating power of watermelon, combined with honey, lemon, sea salt, and vitamin C. It also contains zinc and probiotics, making it a convenient and effective post-workout option.

By adding the Hydration+ collection to your retail store’s inventory, you can provide customers with a refreshing and healthy alternative to sugary drinks. These beverages are not only delicious but also packed with essential nutrients and electrolytes. The Hydration+ collection is priced at $6.95 for the juices and $3.75 for the fitness shot, making it an affordable option for customers.

Expanding your healthy juice offerings with Pressed Juicery’s Hydration+ collection can attract health-conscious customers to your retail store. These all-natural beverages provide a range of benefits, from immune support to post-workout hydration. By incorporating these products into your inventory, you can cater to customers looking for nutritious and refreshing drink options.

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