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Muscle Milk Goes Plant-Based

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PepsiCo is expanding its Muscle Milk brand into the plant-based category by introducing Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes. These ready-to-drink shakes contain 30 grams of plant-based protein, essential amino acids, low sugar content, and key nutrients like vitamin B12 and iron.

PepsiCo’s Muscle Milk brand, known for its performance-focused offerings, is making its way into the plant-based category to meet the evolving consumer demand. With the rise of plant-based products in everyday routines, including muscle building, PepsiCo aims to capture this growing trend through its new product, Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes.

Designed specifically for athletes and active individuals, these ready-to-drink shakes contain 30 grams of plant-based protein, encompassing all nine essential amino acids usually found in animal-based proteins. They are also low in sugar, with just 3 to 4 grams, providing a guilt-free option for health-conscious consumers. Additionally, Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes are fortified with vitamin B12 and iron, ensuring athletes receive vital nutrients to support their active lifestyles.

Previously, plant-based products were associated more with lifestyle choices rather than performance needs. However, there has been an increasing demand for complete protein and muscle recovery options within the plant-based realm. Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes aim to address this challenge by delivering what consumers are seeking.

Incorporating Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes into your inventory can tap into the growing market demand for plant-based products. By offering these shakes in flavors such as Caramel Vanilla and Chocolate, your store can attract health-conscious individuals and athletes looking for convenient and satisfying post-workout options.

Muscle Milk, acquired by PepsiCo from Hormel Foods in 2019, has experienced double-digit growth in recent years. The brand’s success is evidenced by a 19% increase in sales and an 8.7% rise in unit sales. To sustain this growth, PepsiCo is committed to exploring new avenues for Muscle Milk to meet protein needs and expand its consumer base.

Incorporating this new product into your store’s offerings enables you to cater to the growing number of consumers engaging with the protein category and seeking protein-based options for various reasons. Whether it’s for muscle recovery, dietary preferences, or overall wellness, Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes can meet diverse needs.

Don’t miss the opportunity to capitalize on the plant-based trend by adding Muscle Milk Plant Protein Shakes to your store. Cater to health-conscious individuals, athletes, and those prioritizing muscle recovery, while tapping into the potential for increased revenue and customer loyalty.

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