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Better-for-You Beverages: How Small Retailers Can Embrace New Trends Like Olipop and Swoon

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The ready-to-drink beverage category has seen a surge in better-for-you offerings due to consumers’ focus on health and wellness. Brands like Swoon and Olipop have tapped into this trend by providing sugar-free alternatives and prebiotic sodas. Small retailers can take note of the importance of taste, natural sweeteners, and eye-catching packaging in supporting new health-driven trends.

As health and wellness become top priorities for consumers, the ready-to-drink beverage category has undergone significant changes in recent years. Better-for-you beverage options have gained immense popularity, with brands stepping in to cater to the needs of health-conscious customers.

Lowering sugar content has been a simple yet effective way for consumers to improve their health. Swoon, for instance, offers sugar-free alternatives in delicious lemonade and iced tea flavors, fulfilling the mission to provide a zero-sugar beverage that tastes great. The brand was founded by Jennifer Ross, a type-1 diabetic, who wanted to create healthier options that retained the delightful taste of classic drinks.

Addressing gut health is another significant focus for many consumers, and Olipop has emerged as a leader in this category. Their prebiotic sodas offer classic and unique flavors designed to support digestive health. The brand’s nutritional profile combined with its taste has led to a shift in consumer behavior, making better-for-you beverages more appealing to shoppers.

When developing better-for-you beverages, taste remains a crucial factor. Brands like Swoon prioritize finding natural plant-based sweeteners that recreate familiar flavors while using healthier ingredients. This approach ensures that customers not only enjoy the taste but also benefit from the health implications of the products.

Eye-catching packaging also plays a significant role in the success of these brands. Swoon aims to present itself as an improved version of familiar drinks, using fun and celebratory packaging to highlight its sugar-free status. Small retailers should take note of how packaging can communicate a product’s better-for-you benefits while maintaining an attractive and inviting appearance.

Olipop’s success in the soda market demonstrates that better-for-you alternatives can compete with legacy brands. The clinically backed prebiotic tonic has gained popularity among health-conscious consumers seeking healthier beverage options with nostalgic tastes. Startups and emerging brands like Olipop are disrupting the category by offering healthier alternatives that align with consumers’ health goals.

For small and independent retailers, keeping up with new health-driven trends is essential to meet customer demands. Partnering with companies like Evidnt can help retailers discover these innovative products and stay ahead of the curve. By stocking better-for-you beverages like those offered by Swoon and Olipop, retailers can attract health-conscious customers seeking delicious, guilt-free options.

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