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Celsius Energy Drink: Top Trending Energy Drink

Celsius Holdings Inc., the maker of Celsius energy drinks, has recently announced record revenue figures, attributing its success to a strategic shift in can sourcing. According to recent data from Evidnt, Celsius is the top-selling energy drink online and is trending strongly in independent retail stores.

Strong Support for Distribution and Sales at Independent Retailers

Celsius has mirrored the strategy that led Red Bull to its success – prioritizing distribution and sales through independent retailers. Having strong distribution and supporting their local and independent retailers with ads, has proved a successful strategy to help Celsius achieve sales success.

Why Independent Retailers?

Independent retailers provide a unique opportunity for innovative and trend-setting brands like Celsius. These retailers can offer a more personalized shopping experience and are often more flexible when it comes to showcasing new products. This allows brands like Celsius to gain visibility and cultivate a loyal consumer base.

Lessons for Small and Independent Retailers

For small and independent retailers, the success of Celsius offers several valuable lessons:

1. Embrace Innovative Products: Customers are increasingly looking for unique, innovative products. By stocking brands like Celsius that are trending and in-demand, retailers can attract more customers and boost sales.

2. Leverage Data Analytics: Using data analytics tools, such as Evidnt, can help retailers identify top-selling and trending products in their market. This allows them to make data-driven decisions about what to stock.

3. Build Strong Relationships with Brands: By building strong relationships with brands and distributors, independent retailers can benefit from their marketing support, which can help increase visibility and sales.


Celsius Energy Drink has become a top-selling product in independent retail stores by mirroring Red Bull’s success strategy. By focusing on distribution and sales through independent retailers, embracing innovative products, leveraging data analytics, and building strong relationships with brands, other small and independent retailers can also achieve success.

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