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Fueling the Monster: Understanding the Growth of the Energy Drink Category

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Monster Energy Drink has once again proven the potency of the energy drink market. With an impressive 11.9% increase in net sales in the first quarter, as reported by BevNET, it’s clear that the energy drink sector is far from reaching its peak. while Evidnt, reports a 9% increase in sales at independent retailers. This growth was boosted by their ‘Beast’ alcohol beverage division, demonstrating the brand’s successful diversification into the alcoholic beverage market.

The growth of Monster is reflective of a broader trend in the beverage industry. Consumers are increasingly turning to energy drinks as a preferred source of refreshment and energy boost, particularly among younger demographics. This shift in consumer preferences offers a tremendous opportunity for retailers, particularly independent and small retailers, to capitalize on the trend.

For retailers, this means it’s time to reassess and adjust the beverage category in their stores. Stocking energy drinks, such as Monster, Red Bull, Rockstar, and emerging brands, could prove beneficial. But why stop at one brand? Here’s why it’s crucial to stock up on multiple brands:

Diverse Consumer Preferences: Not all energy drink consumers are alike. Some prefer the classic taste of Monster or Red Bull, while others might be seeking new and different flavors offered by emerging brands. Offering a wide variety will cater to a broader customer base.

Brand Loyalty and Trials: While many consumers are loyal to their favorite brands, others are willing to experiment and try new products. By stocking multiple brands, you can appeal to both segments – loyalists and experimenters.

Promotional Opportunities: Having multiple brands allows you to rotate promotions and discounts, keeping the category exciting and dynamic for your customers.


The energy drink market, as shown by Monster’s impressive sales growth, presents a significant opportunity for retailers. By stocking a variety of brands, retailers can cater to diverse consumer preferences, encourage trials of new products, and offer a range of price points. This strategy will ensure they are well-positioned to capitalize on this booming category.

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