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The Power of Crust: How Pizzerias and Cafes Can Improve Sales

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A recent report reveals that crust type plays a crucial role in shaping consumer preferences when it comes to pizza. While premium toppings and unique varieties are of interest to consumers, the crust is the deciding factor. Independent retailers can learn from this insight by focusing on offering a variety of high-quality crust options. By introducing hand-tossed-style crusts, retailers can tap into a market that is currently underserved in the frozen pizza category. By prioritizing crust quality, retailers can attract more customers and improve their sales.

When it comes to pizza, it’s all about the crust. According to a recent report , consumer preferences in the US pizza category are heavily influenced by the type of crust. While premium toppings and unique varieties may catch the eye, if the crust isn’t right, it’s unlikely to make a lasting impression.

This insight holds true for retailers, pizzerias, and cafes alike. Whether you sell frozen pizzas or freshly baked ones, the quality of your crust can make or break a sale. So, how can independent retail store owners improve their sales based on this information?

The key lies in offering a variety of high-quality crust options. While topping choices are essential, the crust should be the star of the show. By diversifying your crust selection, you can cater to different consumer preferences and stand out in a crowded market. Consider introducing hand-tossed style crusts, which are currently in high demand in pizzerias and quick-service restaurants across the United States.

The key characteristics of a hand-tossed style crust are softness, chewiness, and a slight crispness that avoids the dreaded “flop” when holding a slice. By providing consumers with a distinct option from the brand’s original crust, retailers can meet the demand for a premium crust experience at home.

To maximize your sales potential, prioritize the quality of your crust. Experiment with different recipes and techniques to achieve the perfect texture and flavor. Consider partnering with local bakeries or chefs to develop unique crust options that set your store apart from the competition. Engage with your customers to gather feedback, understand their preferences, and adjust your offerings accordingly.

The crust is a make-or-break element for retail pizza consumers. By understanding the importance of crust type, independent retail store owners can improve their sales. By offering a variety of high-quality crust options, with a focus on hand-tossed style crusts, retailers can tap into an underserved market segment. Prioritize the crust, experiment, and engage with your customers to ensure your offerings resonate with their preferences.

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