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Stock Up on Healthier Drinks: The Rise of Better-For-You Beverages

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Small and independent retailers should consider stocking up on better-for-you drinks as consumer demand for healthier options continues to grow. Brands like Swoon and Olipop offer sugar-free and prebiotic sodas that cater to health-conscious customers. Providing tasty alternatives with lower sugar content and gut health benefits can attract shoppers and boost sales.

In today’s health-conscious world, the landscape of ready-to-drink beverages is changing rapidly. Consumers are increasingly seeking out better-for-you options, prompting a surge in popularity for brands that offer drinks addressing health needs. For small and independent retailers, this presents an opportunity to stock up on beverages that align with these changing consumer preferences.

Lowering sugar content is a common strategy to make drinks healthier. Brands like Swoon have entered the market with sugar-free alternatives, such as lemonade and iced teas. Jennifer Ross, co-founder of Swoon and a type-1 diabetic, established the brand to provide a delicious zero-sugar option that satisfies taste buds while promoting health.

Gut health is another area consumers are focusing on, and functional beverages like Olipop are leading the way. Olipop offers prebiotic sodas that tackle digestive issues. Ben Goodwin, CEO and founder of Olipop, highlights that the combination of nutritional value and taste is driving the popularity of better-for-you beverages.

While health is a priority, taste remains crucial. Ross emphasizes that creating a better-for-you product should prioritize taste to attract consumers. When developing the Classic Lemonade, Swoon focused on plant-based sweeteners that offer a natural yet enjoyable flavor.

Swoon aims to stand out by not labeling its entire portfolio as diet or diabetic drinks. The brand’s lemonades and iced teas are sugar-free, but the packaging is designed to be fun and celebratory, attracting a broader audience. As Swoon expands, it intends to enter new markets and retail locations, working towards removing 1 billion grams of sugar from the supply chain.

Olipop disrupted the soda category with its prebiotic drinks. With lower sugar content and ingredients promoting digestive health, Olipop has tapped into consumers’ desire for healthier alternatives that still offer familiar flavors. Olipop’s success indicates that consumers are open to better-for-you options.

Goodwin and Ross both stress the importance of effective communication about the benefits of better-for-you beverages. Eye-catching packaging and maintaining taste quality are key to capturing consumers’ attention and loyalty.

For small and independent retailers, stocking up on these better-for-you drinks can be a smart move. With consumers seeking healthier options that don’t compromise taste, brands like Swoon and Olipop offer products that can attract health-conscious shoppers and contribute to increased sales.

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