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Discover Goalong Chinese Whiskey: A New International Whiskey Brand to Watch

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Chinese whiskey brand Goalong is breaking into the international market with its releases now available in the U.S. This presents an opportunity for small and independent retailers to explore these unique products. With China’s growing presence in the spirits industry, attracting Chinese customers can be beneficial for business growth.

China, known for having the world’s largest spirits market, is stepping onto the international stage with its whiskey. Goalong, a Chinese distillery, has recently made its debut in the U.S., offering a selection of whiskey products previously rare outside of China.

The Whisky Exchange, an online spirits store, is now featuring Goalong’s first releases. The distillery, based in Hunan, southern China, stands out for its diverse range of spirits, giving it flexibility in selecting casks for maturing whiskey. The initial results of their efforts are described as floral and elegant, marking the establishment of a unique Hunanese whiskey style.

Among the available releases, Goalong Blended Chinese Whiskey stands out. Priced at $40, this bottle offers a creamy texture and aromas of hazelnut, apple, toffee, malt, honey, and baking spice. Additionally, the store offers Goalong 5-Year-Old Bourbon Cask Single Malt Chinese Whiskey, adding a hint of smokiness to the single malt profile.

As a small or independent retailer, you might wonder how to tap into this emerging brand. Chinese whiskey’s international presence could attract a niche audience looking for something new and unique. To draw Chinese customers to your store, consider these practical steps:

  1. Diversify Your Selection: Introduce Goalong’s Chinese whiskey releases to your inventory, offering customers a taste of something distinct and rare.
  2. Educate Your Customers: Share the story behind Goalong and the uniqueness of Chinese whiskey. Educated customers are more likely to try something new.
  3. Cultural Connection: Create a small section in your store dedicated to international spirits, including Chinese whiskey. Highlight the cultural aspects to engage curious customers.
  4. Tasting Events: Organize tasting events featuring Goalong’s products. Tasting sessions provide customers an opportunity to experience and appreciate the flavors.
  5. Collaborations: Partner with local restaurants or cultural organizations to create events that showcase Chinese whiskey alongside Chinese cuisine or cultural experiences.

China’s whiskey industry is gaining momentum, with several distilleries making their mark. While it might take time for Chinese whiskey to fully mature and gain recognition, the brand is on the rise. As an independent retailer, exploring unique products like Goalong’s releases can set your store apart and attract a diverse customer base seeking international flavors and experiences.

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