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Coca-Cola Sees Growth Under New Leadership

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Since Jennifer Mann became the president of Coca-Cola North America, the company has experienced increased revenue, expanded margins, value share, and volume share. The company’s renewed focus on marketing, innovation, and affordable packaging has allowed for price increases to offset inflation.

Coca-Cola North America has seen remarkable growth under the leadership of its president, Jennifer Mann, who spearheaded various structural and investment shifts. Since assuming her role, Mann has prioritized simplifying the organization’s structure, route to market, and resource allocation. As a result of these changes, the company has experienced revenue growth of 9%, expanded margins, and an increase in both value and volume share.

One significant change Mann introduced was the creation of a new customer care team responsible for equipment and services, as well as a dedicated nutrition team for the company’s dairy and juice business. She also reallocated resources to bolster frontline marketing and customer and sales teams. Additionally, Coca-Cola North America invested in enhancing its commercial capabilities, including revenue growth management and digital marketing.

In terms of consumer-level initiatives, Coca-Cola North America’s focus on marketing and innovation has allowed it to implement necessary price increases to offset inflation. Notably, the company experienced a 16.5% increase in its sparkling category. By launching affordable pack options, such as the 1.25-liter size, Coca-Cola has achieved an 80% distribution and increased household penetration, attracting new customers to its brand.

Despite price increases, Coca-Cola North America has managed to reduce its volume on promotions by 500 basis points since 2019. By adopting a surgical approach to promotional strategies, focusing on specific retailers and pack prices, the company aims to drive units, transactions, and profitability.

Mann believes there is tremendous growth potential in sparkling beverages, premium beverages, and the nutrition market. Coca-Cola has experienced double-digit consecutive volume growth with Fairlife, its nutrition brand.

New product launches, improved distributions, marketing investments, and discounts are opportunities for retailers to keep an eye on.

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