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Molson Coors Acquires Blue Run Spirits

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Molson Coors has purchased Blue Run Spirits, a successful whiskey maker based in Kentucky. This move marks Molson Coors’ first foray into spirits and establishes Coors Spirits Co. Blue Run expanding its offerings and gaining access to more resources. Independent retailers should consider adding Blue Run products to their inventory to tap into the brand’s growing popularity and capitalize on consumer interest in luxury whiskeys.

In a significant development for the liquor industry, Molson Coors has recently acquired Blue Run Spirits, a renowned whiskey maker based in Georgetown, Kentucky. This acquisition represents Molson Coors’ entry into the spirits market, signaling the company’s evolution as a total beverage company. For independent retail store owners, this presents exciting new opportunities to capitalize on the growing popularity of Blue Run Spirits.

Blue Run Spirits has seen tremendous success since its launch in October 2020 and has gained acclaim, winning prestigious awards such as Best Small Batch Bourbon and Best Single Barrel Bourbon at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Competition. Moreover, the brand was named Best High Rye Bourbon at the 2023 New Orleans Spirits Competition. By adding Blue Run products to their inventory, independent retailers can cater to consumers’ preferences for award-winning, high-quality whiskeys.

Through this acquisition, Molson Coors has established Coors Spirits Co., expanding its existing spirits business. This new endeavor will include Blue Run as well as Five Trail Blended American Whiskey and Barmen 1873 Bourbon, with potential for further expansion in the future. By partnering with Molson Coors, Blue Run gains access to more resources and support, ensuring continued growth and innovation.

Independent liquor retailers can capitalize on this partnership by aligning themselves with Blue Run’s luxury brand and its expanding product line. Blue Run plans to release three new whiskies in the upcoming summer and fall seasons, attracting whiskey enthusiasts and generating excitement. By offering these new releases to their customers, independent retailers can stand out in the competitive market and attract whiskey connoisseurs seeking novelty and quality.

Maintaining Blue Run’s renowned quality, design, and innovation is a priority for Molson Coors. This commitment ensures that consumers familiar with Blue Run’s current offerings will continue to enjoy the same level of excellence they have come to expect. Independent retailers can leverage Blue Run’s reputation and maintain customer loyalty by promoting the brand’s consistency and commitment to delivering exceptional whiskey.

Moreover, the partnership between Blue Run and Molson Coors means an expansion of the spirits team by doubling its size. This increased expertise and support can prove invaluable to independent retailers seeking guidance and assistance in promoting Blue Run products effectively. Utilizing the knowledge and experience of the expanded Molson Coors spirits team can help independent retailers optimize their sales strategies and drive growth.

To make the most of this opportunity, independent retailers should consider stocking Blue Run Spirits in their stores. With the brand already available in 31 states, there is a significant consumer base awaiting Blue Run products. Moreover, Blue Run’s plans to build a new distillery in Kentucky, despite the acquisition, further showcases their commitment to growth and innovation. Independent retailers can align themselves with Blue Run’s vision and attract consumers eager to explore and support rising whiskey brands.

With this exciting partnership between Blue Run and Molson Coors, independent liquor retailers have a chance to expand their offerings, attract whiskey enthusiasts, and tap into the growing demand for luxury whiskeys. By adding Blue Run Spirits to their inventory, independent retailers can differentiate themselves from competitors, provide customers with exceptional options, and potentially drive revenue growth.

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