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Bordeaux 2022 En Primeur Prices Anticipated to Rise: A Comprehensive Guide for Wine Sellers

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Wine merchants around the globe should brace themselves for a surge in Bordeaux 2022 en primeur prices, as reported by Decanter. Despite this forecasted increase, the demand from buyers could also grow due to favorable reports regarding vintage quality. On average, the release prices for Bordeaux 2022 en primeur wines are anticipated to rise by 7.8% compared to last year’s campaign for the 2021 vintage.

The early releases of Bordeaux’s 2022 vintage have garnered positive reviews from critics and winemakers alike, notwithstanding the hot and dry conditions that characterized the growing season. This praise and excitement could contribute to a surge in buyer demand, with 77% of survey respondents expecting demand to be higher for 2022 en primeur wines than the challenging 2021 vintage.

There’s a buzz of apprehension in the industry, however, about the potential upper limits of these prices. Wine sellers should keep an eye on the strategies of each château, as the availability and price of similarly rated back-vintages can vary.

Another trend that sellers should monitor is the amount of wine released, following reports that some châteaux are holding back a higher proportion of stock. Early releases like Château Cheval Blanc and Château Angélus have already marked the beginning of this year’s en primeur campaign, with their 2022 vintages 20.5% and 32% more expensive than last year, respectively.

Despite the higher prices, both estates have received favorable reviews, with UK merchant Bordeaux Index describing Cheval Blanc’s release as being on ‘allocation only.’ This suggests a perception of value among collectors who see the 2022 vintage as a compelling purchase.


Wine sellers should closely monitor the en primeur market for the Bordeaux 2022 vintage. With prices forecasted to rise but a concurrent increase in buyer demand expected, it’s important to stay attuned to trends in release volumes, back-vintage availability, and price variation across châteaux. By doing so, wine sellers can ensure they are well-prepared for the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead in the en primeur market.

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