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White Claw 0%?

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White Claw is set to release White Claw 0%, a non-alcoholic version of their popular hard seltzer. This new line extension aims to capture the growing market of non-alcoholic beverage consumers. With four “full-flavor” variants and a similar price point to the original product.

White Claw, the leading brand in the hard seltzer market, is making waves yet again with its upcoming release of White Claw 0%. This new line extension is a non-alcoholic version of their popular hard seltzer and is set to launch in January 2024.

With the rise of health-conscious consumers and a growing demand for non-alcoholic alternatives, White Claw 0% aims to capture a lucrative market niche. The line will feature four “full-flavor” variants, including black cherry cranberry, mango passion fruit, peach orange blossom, and lime yuzu. Each can will contain only 15 calories, significantly lower than the 100 calories found in the alcoholic version.

As an independent retail store owner, it’s important to consider the potential benefits of stocking White Claw 0%. The brand already has a strong following and a recognizable name in the beverage-alcohol market. By offering a non-alcoholic option that appeals to health-conscious consumers, you can tap into a new revenue stream.

White Claw 0% will be priced in line with regular White Claw, making it an attractive option for customers who are willing to pay a premium for a non-alcoholic beverage. This pricing strategy could lead to higher profit margins and lower excise tax obligations for retail store owners.

To effectively market White Claw 0%, emphasize its “grown-up” positioning and “badge” value. Highlight the electrolytes present in the drink, as well as its premium quality. By appealing to consumers who are seeking sophisticated, alcohol-free options, you can create a unique selling point for your store.

Although White Claw 0% is not the first non-alcoholic seltzer on the market, the brand’s previous success with the hard seltzer category suggests that they could dominate this new segment as well. Independent retail store owners should closely monitor the marketing and promotional efforts surrounding the launch of White Claw 0%, as it may provide valuable insights into how to effectively position and sell this type of product.

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