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Drink Trends: What Small Bars Can Learn from Popular Drinks

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The drinking landscape has seen significant shifts in recent years, with new cocktail trends emerging and capturing the attention of modern drinkers. We wanted to explore what is currently captivating the taste buds of today’s bar-goers, as reported by Punch and sales insights from Evidnt. Here are the trends that have emerged from top bars across the country, offering valuable insights for small and independent bars.

  1. The Reign of the Espresso Martini: Despite the passing years, the Espresso Martini remains a crowd favorite. Its popularity has only grown stronger, becoming a go-to choice for many cocktail enthusiasts.
  2. Agave Spirits and Crushable Drinks: Agave spirits, such as mezcal, tequila, and agave-based cocktails, continue to be in high demand. Additionally, light and refreshing crushable drinks, like the Paloma, have gained popularity among drinkers seeking a more approachable option.
  3. Unexpected Ingredients and Spirits: Bartenders have embraced the use of previously uncommon ingredients, adding unique twists to their cocktail creations. From the revival of sloe gin to the introduction of category-defying spirits, such as those from Empirical, bars are offering exciting and adventurous options to their customers.

These trends highlight the diverse preferences of today’s drinkers and offer valuable insights for small bars. By incorporating popular drinks into their menus, small and independent bars can attract customers and cater to their evolving tastes. It’s important for bars to strike a balance between offering classic favorites and introducing unique ingredients or twists that set them apart.

To sum up, keeping a pulse on the latest drink trends can give small bars a competitive edge. By understanding what captivates modern drinkers, bars can create enticing menus that cater to a variety of tastes. Whether it’s embracing the timeless classics or experimenting with unexpected ingredients, small bars have the opportunity to create memorable experiences and build a loyal customer base.


Discover the current trends in popular drinks across the country and learn how small bars can benefit from these insights. From the enduring popularity of the Espresso Martini to the rise of agave spirits and crushable drinks, understanding what captivates modern drinkers can help small bars attract customers. By offering a mix of classic favorites and innovative twists, small bars can create exciting menus that cater to evolving tastes and stand out in a competitive market. Cheers to embracing the trends and creating memorable experiences!

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