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Get Ready for Halloween: Early Candy Season Brings Spooky Delights to Independent Retailers

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Halloween candy season is starting earlier, lasting 8 to 10 weeks or more, instead of the usual 6 weeks, according to the National Confectioners Association. Small retailers should prepare for this extended season and stock up on Halloween treats to cater to early shoppers.

Halloween is coming, and it’s not just around the corner – it’s here, even in August! The Halloween season has expanded, meaning it’s time for small and independent retailers to get ready for spooky festivities ahead of time.

Traditionally, the Halloween fervor for candy and decorations would last for about six weeks, culminating on October 31. However, things have changed. Now, the excitement and preparations for Halloween start around 8 to 10 weeks before the actual day, or even longer. This shift has been influenced by changes brought about by the pandemic and a growing enthusiasm for all things Halloween.

If you think October 31 is far away, think again. It’s only about 12 weeks from now, and people are already stocking up on their favorite candies like Snickers and Reese’s. Some are even saving these treats for October, creating a longer celebration of the holiday.

Stores are now offering big bags of Halloween candy for sale, and the candy industry is certainly enjoying the extended season. Christopher Gindlesperger, the senior vice president of public affairs at the National Confectioners Association, described Halloween as “hugely important.” He even compared it to a “Super Bowl-slash-World Cup moment” for the candy industry. This holiday also marks the beginning of a series of chocolate-filled celebrations that continue through Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and Easter.

Interestingly, the chocolate and candy season has expanded beyond these traditional holidays. In 2016, the National Confectioner’s Association started promoting June as “national candy month.” This has added to the overall trend of extending the festive season, providing more opportunities for people to enjoy their favorite treats.

For small and independent retailers, this extended Halloween season presents a golden opportunity. By preparing their stores with a variety of Halloween candies and decorations, they can cater to early shoppers who are eager to embrace the holiday spirit. Stocking up on popular Halloween treats and embracing the longer season can boost sales and create a festive atmosphere that attracts customers. So, get ready to welcome the Halloween enthusiasts and enjoy the extended celebration of all things spooky!

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