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Riding the Mondelez Wave: Key Products & Categories Grocers Need to Stock for Success

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Mondelez International, the snack food giant, recently raised its guidance after reporting its “best quarter ever,” according to FoodNavigator-USA. This accomplishment was largely due to successful price hikes across its portfolio. For grocers, this performance signals a clear opportunity to capitalize on Mondelez’s growing popularity.

Let’s explore the top products and categories from Mondelez that grocers should have on their shelves:

1. Biscuits:

Biscuits have always been a strength for Mondelez, and the recent quarter was no exception. Products like Oreo, Ritz, and belVita lead the category, offering consumers a range of choices from indulgent to health-conscious. Grocers should ensure they’re well-stocked with these popular biscuit brands.

2. Chocolate:

Mondelez’s chocolate portfolio, including renowned brands such as Cadbury and Milka, saw significant growth in the quarter. Given the universal love for chocolate, it would be wise for grocers to have a variety of these brands on hand.

3. Gum & Candy:

The company’s gum and candy segment also made a strong comeback, with brands like Trident and Sour Patch Kids leading the charge. Grocers should keep a healthy stock of these items, particularly near checkout counters, where impulse purchases are common.

4. Health-Focused Snacks:

Mondelez has been placing an increased emphasis on health-focused snacks, such as their well-being brands like Perfect Snacks and Enjoy Life Foods. These cater to consumers’ growing desire for better-for-you options, making them a valuable addition to grocers’ shelves.

Mondelez’s recent success showcases the strength of its product portfolio. By stocking up on these top-performing products and categories, grocers can align themselves with consumer trends and maximize their sales potential. And remember, strong success means Mondelez will look to capture an even larger market through marketing and advertising, and you can capture the sales in your store.


Mondelez International’s impressive growth and successful price hikes highlight key products and categories that grocers should focus on. Biscuits, chocolate, gum and candy, and health-focused snacks are all areas that can drive sales and satisfy consumer demand. Stocking up on these Mondelez offerings can help grocers capitalize on this food giant’s success.

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