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Leveraging Smartwater’s Innovative Ads to Drive Retail Traffic

Smartwater, a leading brand under the Coca-Cola umbrella, recently unveiled an innovative advertising campaign featuring “Saturday Night Live” star Pete Davidson as a robot. This fresh and quirky approach to marketing, combined with the popularity of the brand, presents unique opportunities for retailers to drive customers to their stores.

In the new ads, Davidson is seen as a robot who gradually learns to appreciate life’s simple pleasures, including Smartwater, showcasing the brand’s commitment to innovation and refreshing experiences. As a leading premium water brand, Smartwater’s new advertising approach is expected to make a significant impact on consumers and possibly influence buying decisions.

For retailers, this presents an excellent opportunity. With Smartwater investing heavily in marketing, retailers carrying the brand can expect increased consumer interest and demand for the product. It’s essential to prepare for this surge by ensuring adequate Smartwater stock and creating engaging in-store displays that highlight the brand.

Moreover, retailers can leverage platforms like Evidnt to drive buyers to their stores through Smartwater ads. Evidnt is an analytics platform that allows retailers to understand which products and categories resonate well with their customers while turning the brand’s advertising into a traffic driver for their stores.

Example of how Evidnt ads work 


Smartwater’s new advertising campaign featuring Pete Davidson as a robot presents unique opportunities for retailers. By ensuring adequate product stock, creating engaging in-store displays, and leveraging analytics platforms like Evidnt, retailers can capitalize on Smartwater’s marketing efforts to drive buyers to their stores.

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