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Dollar General Doubles Down on Private-Label Grocery Items: What Independent Retailers Should Know

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Dollar General is expanding its Clover Valley private-label brand with over 100 new grocery items. The discounter sees great potential in fresh, frozen, and packaged foods. Independent retailers should take note of the growing private-label trend and consider stocking white label brands to provide quality products at competitive prices.

Dollar General, known for its affordable products, is making a bold move into the world of private-label grocery items. The discounter is adding more than 100 new products to its Clover Valley brand, aiming to increase its focus on food and beverages. With food and beverages already accounting for 80% of its sales, Dollar General believes that expanding its private-label line can further boost its presence in the grocery market.

Clover Valley, launched in 2009, currently offers around 600 products. The brand is now venturing into new territory, offering a wide range of sauces, condiments, entrees, sides, and snacks. Some of the exciting additions to the line include Lobster Bites, Crab Cakes, Siracha Chili Sauce, 100% Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread, and Peanut Butter Spread with Honey. Additionally, customers can look forward to trying out new flavors like Mild Buffalo and Medium Wing Sauces, Mandarin Orange or General Tso’s Chicken Bites with Rice, Black Bean & Corn Salsa, and Dill Pickle or Ranch Sunflower Seeds.

The move to expand Clover Valley reflects Dollar General’s commitment to listening to its customers and offering innovative products. With “Food First” as their focus this year, the retailer aims to provide customers with even more options and cater to their evolving needs.

As an independent retail store owner, it’s essential to pay attention to this trend in private-label brands. Dollar General’s success with Clover Valley shows that customers trust and appreciate the quality and value of private-label products. By considering white label brands, independent retailers can also offer their customers quality products at competitive prices, strengthening their market position.

Although Dollar General is not primarily a grocer, its investment in grocery items is evident. The discounter plans to install more than 65,000 cooler doors this year as part of its DG Fresh initiative. Expanding fresh produce offerings to nearly 5,000 locations by January indicates the growing importance of grocery items for the retailer.

Private-label brands have been experiencing significant growth, even as inflation has slowed down. Dollar sales of store brands outpaced national brand sales during the first half of 2023, rising by 8.2%. Independent retailers can leverage this trend by exploring white label brands, providing their customers with a wide variety of products that offer both value and quality.

Dollar General’s move to expand its private-label brand highlights the importance of staying in tune with customer preferences and delivering tremendous value on quality products. As an independent retailer, keeping an eye on these trends can help you make informed decisions and meet your customers’ expectations effectively. With the private-label market continuing to thrive, considering white label brands could be a smart move for independent retailers looking to strengthen their offerings and stand out in the marketplace.

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