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Dessert Chains Embrace Barbie-Themed Craze: Trends for Retailers

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Dessert chains like Pinkberry and Cold Stone Creamery are capitalizing on the Barbie movie hype by launching Barbie-themed products, delighting fans with pink treats and limited-edition custom cups. Dunkin’ is enticing customers with a new summer merchandise collection, while Taco Bell and Zaxby’s are engaging their fans with interactive sauce-related initiatives. Del Taco revamps its rewards program to offer faster earning opportunities, and Quiznos brings back a nostalgic character to evoke customer nostalgia. These trends offer practical ideas for independent retailers looking to draw customers with fun and nostalgia-driven marketing.

Dessert chains are taking customers on a pink and sprinkle-filled journey to Barbie’s dreamland. Pinkberry and Cold Stone Creamery are embracing the Barbie frenzy by launching themed products, capitalizing on the buzz created by the “Barbie” movie premiere, as reported by Restaurant Business.

Pinkberry partnered with Warner Bros. and introduced the “Barbie Land Berry Pink Swirl” frozen yogurt flavor, blending dragonfruit and strawberry with glittery Dream Sprinkles. Customers have a chance to win themed prize packs with movie tickets, Barbie merch, and Pinkberry gift cards. Cold Stone Creamery offers cotton candy-flavored ice cream in signature creations and cakes, such as “All that Glitters is Pink” and “Best Day Ever!” cake, with a chance to win a Barbie Dreamhouse.

Dunkin’ celebrates summer with its Iced collection, featuring crop tops, oversized tees, a pickleball set, and inflatable donut pool. Taco Bell involves rewards members in its sauce packet redesign, allowing them to vote for their favorite messages. Sauce enthusiasts want a sauce emoji, as seen with Zaxby’s saucemoji petition.

Del Taco revamped its rewards program, focusing on engagement and providing more opportunities to earn rewards. McDonald’s successful marketing push featuring Grimace brought nostalgia, and Quiznos brings back Spongmonkeys from their 2005 commercials.

Independent retail store owners should watch these trends closely to find inspiration for marketing strategies, engaging their customers, and tapping into nostalgia to create unique and exciting experiences.

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