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Hershey’s Acquisition: A Sweet Opportunity for Retailers

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Hershey’s, the renowned confectionery giant, has recently announced a strategic acquisition to bolster its internal supply chain network by acquiring Weaver Popcorn Manufacturing, according to Convenience Store News. This major move by Hershey’s is bound to stir the waters in the snacks market, and for retailers, it could translate into exciting opportunities.

Hershey’s Acquisition: What Does It Mean?

Hershey’s acquisition aims to enhance its internal supply chain network. By doing so, the company intends to ensure that its products are readily available and delivered efficiently to retailers nationwide and expand its distribution of SkinnyPop brand. This is a clear indication of Hershey’s commitment to improving its product availability and meeting consumer demand more effectively.

Opportunities for Retailers

This acquisition could lead to a significant increase in the marketing and promotion of Hershey’s products. As Hershey’s invests in pushing SkinnyPop brand even further, retailers can expect a surge in demand for their brand. As a retailer, now might be the perfect time to stock up on SkinnyPop and prepare for the upcoming wave of promotions and potential sales boost.

How Can Retailers Take Advantage of This?

  1. Stock Up on SkinnyPop: With Hershey’s expected to ramp up their marketing efforts, it’s wise to ensure you have plenty of their products on hand to meet increased customer demand. You can order SkinnyPop from online wholesale marketplaces such as Evidnt.
  2. Promote Hershey’s in Store: Use in-store signage and shelf displays to highlight Hershey’s products. As Hershey’s ramps up its marketing efforts, consumers will be on the lookout for these products.
  3. Leverage Hershey’s Marketing: Hershey’s will likely be investing heavily in marketing. Retailers can leverage this by aligning their own marketing efforts, using Hershey’s promotional materials, and riding the wave of increased brand awareness.
  4. Offer Special Deals: Consider offering special deals on Hershey’s products, such as bundling them with other items or offering a discount on bulk purchases. This will not only attract Hershey’s fans but also encourage larger purchase sizes.
  5. Partner with the Brand: Partnering up with companies like Evidnt, and using their store locator solution, you can leverage SkinnyPop advertising to help buyers find your store when they’re nearby. You can sign up for Evidnt’s Store Locator directly in your POS.


Hershey’s recent acquisition is designed to strengthen its internal supply chain network, which could lead to a significant increase in the promotion and marketing of Hershey’s products, specifically SkinnyPop. Retailers have a golden opportunity to ride this wave by stocking up on Hershey’s products, aligning their marketing efforts with Hershey’s, and offering special deals to attract customers. Now’s the time to prepare and make the most of this sweet opportunity!

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