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Cheesesteak Remix: Spinning New Variations on a Classic for Delis and Restaurants

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Cheesesteak, a beloved classic, is getting a facelift with exciting new variations popping up in kitchens all over. From TikTok trends to the virtual culinary world, let’s explore how delis and restaurants can take a fresh spin on this all-time favorite.

Cheesesteak: Beyond the Traditional

As seen on the flavor-focused platform GetFlavor, cheesesteak is being creatively adapted into a variety of dishes, such as cheesesteak alfredo, bao, and even burgers. These inventive adaptations are a testament to the versatility of the cheesesteak and its potential to be a canvas for culinary creativity.

The Power of TikTok

TikTok, the platform known for viral food trends, has embraced the cheesesteak remix. Food creators are showcasing their unique takes on cheesesteak, drawing in viewers with mouth-watering videos of the cooking process and final product. Delis and restaurants can find inspiration from these trends, and even create their own TikTok content to engage customers and showcase their innovations.

Collaboration Opportunities

An interesting development in the food industry is the collaboration between Pardon My Take, a top sports podcast from Bar Stool Sports, and Virtual Dining Concepts. This collaboration led to the creation of a takeout and delivery-only concept, which restaurants can leverage to extend their reach. By exploring similar collaborations, delis and restaurants can tap into new audiences and market their creative cheesesteak offerings.

Opportunities for Delis and Restaurants

  1. Innovate with Cheesesteak: Experiment with different cheesesteak variations, from adding it to pasta for a cheesesteak alfredo to stuffing it in a bao bun or piling it high on a burger.
  2. Engage on Social Media: Share your cheesesteak innovations on platforms like TikTok. This can draw in a younger audience and create buzz around your offerings.
  3. Explore Collaborations: Consider collaborating with local influencers, podcast hosts, or virtual dining platforms to promote your cheesesteak creations and reach a wider audience, or partner up with Virtual Dining Concepts and take advantage of their


Cheesesteak, while a classic, has plenty of room for innovation. By taking cues from platforms like TikTok and exploring collaborations like that of Virtual Dining Concepts, delis and restaurants can put a new spin on cheesesteak that delights customers and sets them apart from the competition.

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