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Mondelez Focuses on Cakes and Pastries: A Win for Small Retailers

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Mondelez International, the second-largest player in the snack cakes and pastries market, is making a push to increase its market share in the category. With strong financial results and recent successful launches, independent retail store owners should consider stocking Mondelez growing brands to attract more customers and boost sales.

Mondelez International, the company behind beloved brands like Oreo and Chips Ahoy, is putting its focus on cakes and pastries. Currently holding about 3% to 4% of the global snack cakes and pastries market, Mondelez aims to increase its share closer to double digits.

Cakes and pastries are a significant category with ample opportunities worldwide. Mondelez recognizes the potential in this “fragmented” market, which calls for strong brands and high-quality products. In response, the company has launched new offerings, including Oreo Airy Cake in China, Cakesters in the United States, and prepackaged croissants under the Chipita brand in Europe.

The category itself has seen substantial growth over the past three years, with cakes and pastries appealing to different occasions than traditional biscuits and chocolates. Mondelez anticipates that its new quality products and established brands will make a considerable impact, potentially doubling or tripling its cakes and pastry business within the next year and reaching close to a 10% market share.

Mondelez’s commitment to the cakes and pastries market aligns with its impressive financial performance. With a 17% rise in sales and strong growth in various regions, the company is on a promising trajectory. North America has shown signs of recovery, while emerging markets are performing well, contributing to overall growth.

For small and independent retail store owners, this presents a valuable opportunity to keep Mondelez’s growing brands in stock. By offering their customers a variety of Mondelez’s cakes and pastries, retailers can attract more customers and boost sales. Mondelez’s focus on high-quality products and recognized brands makes it an appealing choice for consumers seeking delightful treats.

Mondelez’s positive financial outlook and continuous innovation in the cakes and pastries category indicate a bright future for the company. Retailers who capitalize on this growth and stock Mondelez products stand to benefit from the increasing demand for their appealing and delicious offerings.

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