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Strong Confectionery Sales: Encouraging News for Small Retailers

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Data insights show that candy, gum, and mint sales have seen significant growth, up 12.4% in the past 52 weeks. While total confectionery units are down due to inflation, the dollar sales increase offers promise for retailers. Convenience stores, popular among younger shoppers, have outperformed other channels. Chocolate sales saw some pressure in unit decline but continued to increase in dollar sales, driven by seasonal items. Non-chocolate sales experienced less pressure and showed growth in novelty, sugar-free, and seasonal categories. Gum and breath freshener sales increased by 18.2%, with sugarless gum leading the way.

Great news for small and independent retailers! Candy, gum, and mint sales have seen impressive growth, rising by 12.4% in the past 52 weeks, as reported by Candy & Snack Today. This is an excellent opportunity for retailers to boost their confectionery offerings and attract more customers to their stores.

While total confectionery units have decreased by 2.7% in response to inflation, dollar sales have risen steadily. This reflects the money-saving measures taken by consumers, who are buying fewer items to balance their budgets. However, convenience stores, a favorite among younger shoppers, have bucked this trend and performed exceptionally well with above-average dollar gains and below-average unit declines.

The chocolate sector faced some pressure, experiencing a 5.1% decline in unit performance over the 52-week period. Despite this, dollar sales in chocolates increased by 9.6%, thanks to the strong contribution from seasonal items. This indicates that consumers still splurge on confectionery during holidays and special celebrations.

In contrast, non-chocolate confectionery experienced less pressure than chocolate and total food and beverages. Some sectors, such as novelty, sugar-free, and seasonal non-chocolate, saw unit growth, leading to above-average dollar gains. Over the 52-week period, non-chocolate sales surged by 15.4%, with novelty, seasonal, sugar-free, caramel, and chewy candies showing strong performances.

Gum and breath freshener sales also saw a remarkable increase of 18.2%, reaching $3.2 billion over the past 52 weeks. Sugarless gum emerged as the fastest-growing sector, contributing significantly to the sales. Moreover, sugarless gum experienced a positive unit growth of 7.3%.

For small retail store owners, this data presents a valuable opportunity to capitalize on the surging demand for confectionery. Stocking a diverse range of chocolates, non-chocolate candies, and sugarless gum can attract more customers and boost sales. Consider showcasing seasonal items prominently during holidays and special occasions to entice consumers looking to splurge a little.

By aligning your confectionery offerings with consumer preferences and budget-conscious shopping habits, independent retailers have a chance to maximize profits and delight their customers with sweet treats.

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