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Non-Dairy Milks and Creamers: A Booming Market With Exciting Retail Opportunities

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In the ever-evolving plant-based market, non-dairy milks and creamers are increasingly standing out as a robust and resilient category. Their rapid growth offers exciting opportunities for retailers, especially as consumers continue to prioritize health, sustainability, and dietary diversity.

Non-dairy milks and creamers are showing immense promise in the plant-based market. Their growth trajectory has even been described as the market’s ‘saving grace’, especially with the current consumer shift towards more sustainable and health-conscious food and beverage choices. Key players in the sector are continually innovating, offering a variety of flavors and nutritional profiles that appeal to a broad range of consumers.

This growth and diversity in the non-dairy sector present valuable opportunities for retailers. Firstly, increasing the range of non-dairy milks and creamers in the store can attract a wider customer base, from lactose-intolerant shoppers to those simply wishing to diversify their dietary intake.

Secondly, the burgeoning non-dairy market can boost retailers’ sustainability credentials. By stocking and promoting these products, retailers can align themselves with the growing consumer demand for environmentally-friendly alternatives to traditional dairy products.

Finally, the non-dairy category’s rapid growth and innovation can drive increased store traffic and sales. Consumers are often eager to try new and unique products, so featuring the latest non-dairy milks and creamers can stimulate interest and increase basket size.


Non-dairy milks and creamers are experiencing robust growth in the plant-based market, creating a wealth of opportunities for retailers. By diversifying their product offerings, aligning with consumer demand for sustainability, and tapping into the category’s innovation, retailers can attract a wider customer base, enhance their sustainability image, and drive store traffic and sales.

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