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Marty, the grocery automation solution employed by GIANT Foods since 2019.

Automation in Grocery Stores: What Independent Retailers Need to Know

Labor automation is becoming more and more common in grocery stores. In February, one of GIANT Food Stores’ robotic assistants, “Marty,” dramatically escaped a store in Hellertown, Pennsylvania. Small grocery store owners already had a lot to think about: extreme price changes, rapidly emerging markets, now robots? Here’s everything independent retailers should know about labor…

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The Sweet and Salty Disruption: How Brands Like Rap Snacks Are Changing The Game

In the snack industry, opposites indeed attract. Hershey’s recent endeavor to disrupt the $17 billion sweet and salty category, as reported by Food Dive, underscores the immense potential of this market. But it’s not just the confectionery giants making waves. Brands like Rap Snacks are bringing unique flavors to the table and turning heads with…

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Top view of a Philly cheesesteak, fries, and ketchup on a wooden table

Cheesesteak Remix: Spinning New Variations on a Classic for Delis and Restaurants

Cheesesteak, a beloved classic, is getting a facelift with exciting new variations popping up in kitchens all over. From TikTok trends to the virtual culinary world, let’s explore how delis and restaurants can take a fresh spin on this all-time favorite. Cheesesteak: Beyond the Traditional As seen on the flavor-focused platform GetFlavor, cheesesteak is being…

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