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So Monster Energy is Pink Now?

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Monster Energy is challenging its own stereotype with a new “Strawberry Dreams” flavor in its “Ultra” line. The drink aims to provide a stimulating and hypnotic flavor experience. It’s marketed as a sweet and slightly tart zero-sugar beverage with the Monster energy blend. While it may not be particularly unique in terms of taste, the product stands out due to a larger scale marketing approach. Strawberry Dreams is available at large retailers and online platforms like Ebay and Amazon.

What is this product, anyway?

What comes to mind when you think “Monster Energy?” Spencer’s band tees? Are sweaty gamers playing a skirmish game in Halo? A wild rave in Ibiza? Well, Monster Energy is fighting its own stereotype with a new “Strawberry Dreams” flavor in its “Ultra” line. It’s the current year, and the beast is pink.

“Our goal with Monster Ultra Strawberry Dreams was to create a beverage that feels like a wave of hypnotic flavor hitting you all at once,” said Dan McHugh, chief marketing officer at Monster Energy. “Drinking Monster Ultra Strawberry Dreams is a stimulating experience of all the senses, the beast within will be unleashed when you feel the good vibes touch your soul.”

The product description, right off the can, reads:

“Some people swear that strawberries are aphrodisiacs. They say if you share a double strawberry with someone then they’ll catch feelings for you. All we know is the flavor of the heart-shaped fruit is perfect for our new zero sugar Ultra. Wonderfully sweet while slightly tart, this easy-drinking Ultra tastes like a dream. Passionately crafted with the Monster energy blend you crave, take one sip and you’ll be crazy for Ultra Strawberry Dreams.”

A valentine’s Monster drink? Not the worst idea, with a longer shelf life than a dozen roses and more caffeine than a box of chocolates. Regardless, the drink has already been distributed to large retailers nationwide and is available to order online from places like Ebay and Amazon.

Why is this Monster Energy product unique?

At a second glance, it’s hard to see why Strawberry Dreams is so special. There are plenty of sweet and tart energy drinks, let alone sweet and tart beverage products. Even a cranberry kombucha could rival Monster Energy in “tartness,” while also having tangible health benefits like probiotics and antioxidants. This isn’t even the first “pink” drink Monster has produced, behind flavors like Peachy Keen and Ultra Watermelon.

No, the difference here seems to be marketing. There is a lot more… “intentionality” behind Strawberry Dreams. Just take one look at promotional images (like the one featured in this article) or the slurry of Youtubers or TikTokers reviewing the product.

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