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Conagra Unveils Over 50 New Products: What Independent Retailers Should Know

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Conagra Brands has launched more than 50 new products across its frozen, grocery, and snack brands. Small retailers should keep an eye out for these innovative items, including protein-rich MEGA Crustless Pizzas, shrimp-focused Healthy Choice Power Bowls, and plant-based protein bowls from Gardein. The company’s new offerings cater to trending recipes and formats, delivering great taste, quality, and value. Independent retailers can stock up on these exciting products, now available nationwide.

Conagra Brands, Inc. is making waves this summer with the launch of over 50 new products spanning its frozen, grocery, and snack brands portfolio. For small and independent retailers, this is an exciting opportunity to discover innovative items that cater to changing consumer tastes.

Among the highlights are the MEGA Crustless Pizzas from Banquet, boasting a protein-dense composition that appeals to health-conscious pizza lovers. Shrimp-focused Healthy Choice Power Bowls offer a delightful and nutritious meal option for customers seeking balanced choices.

Marie Callender’s casserole sides and Gardein’s plant-based protein bowls add a flavorful twist to the freezer section, providing variety for customers seeking convenient and delicious options.

Frozen vegetable brand Birds Eye also jumps into the innovation game with additions like fire-roasted vegetable offerings, microwavable vegetable dips, and restaurant-inspired vegetable and sauce fusions. These offerings appeal to customers looking for fresh and exciting vegetable options.

Conagra Brands doesn’t stop there, bringing exciting new additions to the grocery and snack aisles. Gardein introduces plant-based chicken and beef broths, perfect for vegan and health-conscious shoppers. A keto-friendly Swiss Miss hot chocolate mix offers a cozy treat with fewer carbs, while Wendy’s brand canned chili brings a beloved restaurant flavor to customers’ pantries.

For small and independent retailers, it’s crucial to keep a close eye on these new offerings from Conagra. The company’s focus on innovation and meeting consumer needs means these products have the potential to become household favorites.

Burke Raine, president of the Frozen & Refrigerated business unit at Conagra Brands, emphasized their commitment to delivering great taste, quality, and value through on-trend recipes and relevant formats. These attributes are essential for independent retail store owners looking to cater to their customers’ changing preferences.

Now that Conagra’s new products are available nationwide, independent retailers can seize the opportunity to stock their shelves with these exciting options. By offering consumers innovative and high-quality choices, small retailers can strengthen their appeal, increase customer satisfaction, and drive sales.

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