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Sustainable Snacking Success: How Small Retailers Can Embrace Ethical Brands like GoodSAM

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GoodSAM, a US-based sustainable snacking brand, achieved a remarkable 171% increase in chocolate and treat sales, marking a record-breaking half-year performance. As an ethically-focused business with B Corp status, GoodSAM emphasizes transparency, regenerative agriculture, and responsible sourcing. Small retailers can adopt such sustainable brands by expanding partnerships, enhancing retail visibility, and promoting ethical products to meet consumer demands.

GoodSAM, the US-founded sustainable snacking brand, has achieved exceptional success with a 171% year-on-year surge in chocolate and treat sales, setting a record-breaking half-year performance. As an ethically-driven business, GoodSAM’s growth has expanded its retail reach into stores like Sprouts, gaining recognition and accolades in the industry.

One significant milestone for GoodSAM was attaining B Corp status at the end of the previous year, validating its commitment to sustainability and responsible practices. The brand’s focus on surpassing fundraising goals and sales in the first half of 2023 has propelled its reputation as a leader in the sustainable food space.

The founder and CEO of GoodSAM, Heather K. Terry, expressed the company’s dedication to disrupting the traditional food system in sustainable and delicious ways. Transparent and intentional partnerships with farmers, along with a commitment to positive global impact, are at the core of GoodSAM’s values.

In recognition of its sustainability efforts, GoodSAM received prestigious sector honors, including the Anthem Award, where it was named the Bronze winner in Sustainability, Environment, & Climate business strategy. Additionally, the brand was celebrated at the Mindful Awards, receiving the Regenerative Product of the Year award for its responsible sourcing practices.

For independent retail store owners, adopting brands with high sustainability standards like GoodSAM presents a valuable opportunity to cater to the growing demand for ethical products. Here are practical steps to embrace such brands:

  1. Expand Partnerships: Find ethical brands like GoodSAM and establish mutually beneficial partnerships. Collaborate with like-minded companies that prioritize sustainability and transparent supply chains. Companies like Evidnt, provide insights on new and emerging brands.
  2. Enhance Retail Visibility: Increase the visibility of sustainable products by prominently featuring them in-store and on e-commerce platforms. Educate customers about the positive impact of their purchases.
  3. Promote Ethical Products: Highlight the ethical aspects of products through signage, social media, and marketing efforts. Communicate the story behind the brand’s commitment to sustainability.
  4. Engage with Customers: Connect with customers and understand their preferences for sustainable products. Offer tastings and demos to introduce them to new ethical options.

By embracing brands like GoodSAM, small retailers can contribute to a more sustainable future while meeting the rising demand for ethical and environmentally conscious products. By emphasizing transparency and responsible sourcing, retailers can attract socially conscious consumers seeking products that align with their values.

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