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Constellation Brands Bets on Non-Alcoholic Sector with TÖST Investment: What This Means for Independent Retailers

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Constellation Brands, renowned worldwide as a leading producer and marketer of beer, wine, and spirits, has expanded its portfolio to include a slice of the non-alcoholic beverage sector. Through its venture capital group, it has acquired a minority stake in TÖST, a brand known for its zero-proof sparkling beverages, according to Food Business News. Although the financial specifics remain undisclosed, the investment signifies a significant shift in market focus and offers substantial opportunities for independent retailers.

TÖST, developed by a team of seasoned beverage and culinary experts, is a non-alcoholic beverage featuring refreshing notes of sparkling white tea and ginger, with cranberry and elderberry. Billed as “refreshingly dry and not too sweet,” TÖST beverages are sold online, in major retailers, grocers, specialty stores, and even liquor stores across the country.

Brooks Addington, the CEO of TÖST, has warmly welcomed this partnership, expressing excitement at the shared mission of delivering premium product experiences to a wider consumer base. “We believe our mutual consumer-centric focus positions TÖST for exponential growth in the coming years,” Addington said.

By aligning with TÖST, Constellation Brands taps into the growing sometimes-sober movement, providing more choices to consumers seeking alcohol-free alternatives. As independent retailers seek to meet the evolving demands of consumers, stocking TÖST could provide a competitive edge. The rising trend of non-alcoholic, or ‘zero-proof,’ beverages is a market shift that can’t be ignored. By offering such alternatives, retailers can cater to a broader demographic, including health-conscious consumers and those partaking in the sometimes-sober lifestyle.

Moreover, the prestige of Constellation Brands and the flavor appeal of TÖST make the beverage a promising addition to the retail shelf. It is a signal that even large-scale companies see the value and potential in non-alcoholic beverages, thus reinforcing the relevance of this category in the retail industry.


Constellation Brands, Inc., has invested in zero-proof sparkling beverage brand TÖST, marking its entrance into the non-alcoholic beverage sector. This strategic move presents significant opportunities for independent retailers to meet the growing demand for alcohol-free alternatives and cater to a wider range of consumers. It also underscores the growing trend and market potential of non-alcoholic, or ‘zero-proof,’ beverages.

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