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Kraft Heinz’s Customizable Sauce Dispenser: A Spicy Opportunity for Independent Retailers

Kraft Heinz, the household name in condiments, is about to spice up the sauce game for small and independent retailers, as reported by CNBC. The company is set to launch the Heinz Remix, a customizable sauce dispenser boasting over 200 possible combinations. This innovative offering seeks to meet consumer cravings for more variety, sweetness, and spice in their condiments.

For more than a century, Heinz has stood by its ’57 varieties’ tagline. Now, they’re raising the stakes by offering customers over three times as many options through their latest creation designed for food-service clients.

The Heinz Remix machine is a part of Kraft Heinz’s strategy to drive sales by focusing on its away-from-home segment. The company’s recent efforts, such as expanding distribution in airports, launching a deluxe mayonnaise for chefs, and reformulating Lunchables for schools, have paid off with a reported sales growth of over 25% in the first quarter.

Customers can use the Heinz Remix’s touchscreen to select a base (ketchup, ranch, 57 Sauce, or BBQ sauce), add “enhancers” like jalapeno, smoky chipotle, buffalo, or mango, and set their preferred intensity level. This move by Kraft Heinz to deliver more personalized sauce options brings a unique opportunity to independent retailers.

So, how can independent retailers benefit from this?

More Variety and Customization: Offering over 200 sauce combinations, the Heinz Remix provides a distinctive, personalized experience that customers are increasingly seeking. Independent retailers can leverage this by promoting variety and customization options as a unique selling point, potentially attracting more customers.

Increased Foot Traffic: By hosting a Heinz Remix machine, independent retailers could attract more foot traffic from consumers interested in trying out new and exciting condiment combinations. This increased traffic could lead to more sales and exposure for other products.

Valuable Consumer Insights: Kraft Heinz plans to use data from the sauce dispenser to inform their decisions about new products for grocery stores. Independent retailers can similarly use this data to understand their customers’ preferences better and tailor their offerings accordingly.

Marketing Support: As part of its turnaround strategy, Kraft Heinz is likely to heavily market the Heinz Remix and its new sauces. Independent retailers can benefit from this marketing push, which will raise awareness and potentially drive more customers to their stores.

While the introduction of the Heinz Remix presents a new opportunity, retailers must also consider potential challenges, such as the time and effort required to operate the machine, particularly for drive-thru orders. However, the potential benefits, from increased foot traffic to valuable customer insights, make this an exciting development for independent retailers looking to spice up their offerings.


Kraft Heinz is set to launch a customizable sauce dispenser, the Heinz Remix, offering over 200 sauce combinations. This move presents opportunities for independent retailers, including increased variety, foot traffic, valuable consumer insights, and marketing support. However, retailers should also consider potential operational challenges.

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