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Fanta’s Halloween-Inspired Beverage

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Fanta is introducing a limited-edition mystery flavor just in time for Halloween. The beverage, designed to keep taste buds guessing, turns tongues temporarily black.

Fanta, known for its bold and irresistible flavors, is getting into the Halloween spirit with a special limited-edition mystery flavor. This Halloween-inspired beverage not only offers a surprise taste experience but also temporarily turns tongues black, adding a spooky element to the enjoyment.

According to Dane Callis, the senior brand manager at Fanta North America, consumers love the excitement of a guessing game, especially during Halloween when mystery and the unknown are celebrated. Fanta aims to capitalize on this by providing a unique experience for its customers. The Halloween-inspired packaging graphics and the black color of the beverage add to the thrill of the holiday.

To engage consumers further, Fanta has introduced a Clue Collector online game and various social media challenges. By participating, customers can uncover the secret flavor and have fun while doing so. On-pack QR codes also provide access to the graveyard-themed world of #WhatTheFanta, where fans can explore and collect bottles and flavor clues. This interactive feature will undoubtedly spark interest and drive sales for independent retail store owners.

Additionally, Fanta has partnered with Nava Rose, a popular content creator and fashion designer, to create a DIY costume inspired by the #WhatTheFanta flavor and aesthetic. This collaboration not only adds excitement but also opens up additional selling opportunities for retailers. By promoting the DIY costume in-store or on social media, stores can attract a wider audience and increase their customer base.

The Halloween-themed #WhatTheFanta will be available for purchase in 20-oz. bottles and 6-packs of 7.5-oz. mini cans. Independent retail store owners can take advantage of this seasonal product by stocking up on these items and creating eye-catching displays. By tapping into the Halloween hype and offering a unique and limited-edition beverage, independent retailers can gain a competitive edge and drive customer footfall during the holiday season.

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