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The Snacking Trends

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With younger generations driving the demand for snacking, independent retail store owners have the opportunity to stock up on natural cheese snacks that offer bold flavors, convenience, satiety, fun, and indulgence. By catering to mindful snackers who prefer better-for-you options, such as cheese snacks with higher protein content, independent retailers can tap into this expanding market.

Sargento Foods Inc., a renowned cheese manufacturer, recognizes the potential of snacking and has prioritized it as a key focus area for their business. Snacking remains a prominent lifestyle choice for Americans, with younger generations leading the way by consuming three or more snacks per day. Snacking is no longer limited to unhealthy, high-carb, and high-fat treats. Today’s consumers are more conscious of their choices and prefer better-for-you options that serve as mini-meals. Cheese snacks, especially those with higher protein content, have become popular among mindful snackers following higher-protein diets.

Sargento has embraced the snacking trend and has successfully enhanced its position in the market with its Balanced Breaks product line. These conveniently packaged snacks feature cheese pieces on one side and complementary accompaniments, such as chocolates, dried fruits and nuts, or mini crackers, on the other. Partnering with Mondelez, Sargento has expanded its snack offerings to include popular brands like Ritz, Triscuit, and Wheat Thin crackers.

Independent retail store owners can take advantage of the snacking trend by stocking up on Sargento’s snacking portfolio. With a 37% market share in refrigerated cheese snack kits, Sargento has established itself as a leader in this category, surpassing all combined store brands, which only hold a 7% market share. By offering Sargento’s innovative and high-quality cheese snacks, independent retailers can attract health-conscious consumers looking for tasty and convenient options.

It’s worth noting that Sargento’s recent acquisition of the Baker Cheese Factory Inc. has given them more control over their production and allowed them to meet the growing demand for cheese snacks. While Sargento primarily sources its natural cheeses from other cheesemakers, the company ensures that all cheeses meet their specifications through a rigorous grading process. This commitment to quality extends to their in-house innovations, as seen in products like Sargento Creamery, which offers sliced natural cheeses with an enhanced melt thanks to the addition of cream.

To remain competitive, independent retailers should pay attention to private label brands that pose a significant challenge across all retail cheese formats. However, by focusing on stocking Sargento’s premium cheese snacks, retailers can differentiate themselves and provide customers with a trusted and recognizable brand.

In addition to product offerings, independent retailers should also consider embracing digital platforms and social media marketing. Sargento’s success in reaching younger consumers, particularly females, through TikTok videos demonstrates the effectiveness of tapping into new media platforms. By meeting consumers where they spend their time online, independent retailers can effectively promote their products and engage with their target audience.

The trend of snacking presents a significant growth opportunity for independent retail store owners. Stocking up on Sargento’s snacking portfolio, which offers bold flavors, convenience, and healthier options for mindful snackers, allows retailers to cater to the evolving preferences of today’s consumers. By leveraging social media and digital marketing, independent retailers can effectively reach their target audience and establish a strong presence in the snacking market.

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