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Get Ready for Fall with Hormel Foods’ Flavorful Autumn-Inspired Dishes

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Hormel Foods, a renowned supplier, is highlighting a range of delicious fall-themed flavors that can easily be incorporated into recipes. Chef Barry Greenberg, Culinary Team Lead, encourages consumers to explore creative cooking this season. From pumpkin spice to apple cider, spicy maple syrup, ube, and savory grains, these flavors offer exciting opportunities for independent retailers to stock up and satisfy customers’ autumn cravings.

Fall is the perfect time to embrace the flavors of the season, and Hormel Foods is here to help. With a variety of enticing fall-themed flavors, independent retail store owners have the opportunity to stock up and offer their customers a taste of autumn.

According to Chef Barry Greenberg, Culinary Team Lead at Hormel Foods, fall is the best time to be in the kitchen. There’s an abundance of wonderful flavors associated with this season, and countless ways to incorporate them into new recipes and dishes. From the beloved pumpkin spice to lesser-known flavors like ube, there’s something for everyone to enjoy.

To inspire independent retail store owners, Chef Barry Greenberg has developed recipes around these trending fall-themed flavors. Here’s a rundown of some of the flavors he recommends incorporating into your store’s offerings:

1. Pumpkin Spice: This iconic flavor is a must-have during the fall season. Consider stocking up on Skippy® peanut butter and pumpkin spice protein balls to offer customers a delicious poppable pumpkin snack.

2. Apple Cider: Fall is cider season, and customers will be looking for ways to enjoy this classic flavor. Introduce them to the limited-time Planters® apple cider donut cashews, which make for an irresistible snack mix centerpiece.

3. Spicy Maple Syrup: Elevate the sweetness of maple syrup by adding some spice to the mix. Consider pairing it with the savory taste of SPAM® Classic in a mouthwatering musubi recipe.

4. Ube: This stunning purple yam is gaining popularity and can be implemented in various creative ways. Its sweet and mild flavor pairs perfectly with cinnamon and crispy Hormel® Black Label® bacon.

5. Savory Grains: Offer a twist on traditional granola with savory options like Planters rosemary and sea salt cashews. Use it to add crunch to a side dish, pilaf, or entrée. Try a hearty oatmeal recipe featuring Hormel Black Label bacon, Wholly® avocado, and Chi-Chi’s® salsa for a savory breakfast option.

By stocking up on these fall-inspired flavors, independent retail store owners can cater to customers’ cravings and stand out from their competition. Stay tuned as more fall flavors hit the market, and keep your shelves stocked with these seasonal delights.

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