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Utz is increasing investment in marketing and innovation

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Increased investment in marketing, flavor innovation, and distribution gains will help retailers attract buyers to their local stores. Utz Brands’ recent launch of Utz Mike’s Hot Honey chips has been a success, indicating the potential for growth in the market. With a focus on better-for-you snacks, Utz Brands has seen significant growth in the natural channel, offering valuable opportunities for independent retail store owners.

Utz Brands are making significant investments in marketing and innovation to stay ahead in the market. During a recent conference call with analysts, Utz Brands’ executives highlighted their Power Brands category and growing portfolio of better-for-you snacks. The success of their new product, Utz Mike’s Hot Honey chips, further emphasizes the importance of continued marketing investment and flavor innovation.

Utz Mike’s Hot Honey chips have already proven to be a success, as hot and spicy flavors continue to dominate the market. Utz Brands’ retail sales increased by 9%, with On The Border tortilla chips and Zapp’s kettle chips experiencing significant growth in the retail grocery channel.

Furthermore, the better-for-you segment of salty snacks presents a growth opportunity for independent retailers. Utz Brands’ consumption and natural channel increased by nearly 20% in the second quarter, surpassing the category’s growth rate. Boulder Canyon, the company’s primary better-for-you brand, saw a 28% growth, triple the category growth rate.

As an independent retail store owner, partnering with companies like Evidnt can provide valuable marketing support from the Utz Brand. By carrying their products, you can tap into the marketing efforts conducted by Utz Brands, which will help attract buyers to your local store. Utz Brands plans to increase marketing spending, focusing on digital and performance-based strategies to reach consumers. By carrying Utz Brands, independent retailers can benefit from the company’s overall net sales growth and year-over-year increase in sales.

Increased investment in marketing, flavor innovation, and distribution gains will attract buyers to local stores. Utz Brands’ success with Utz Mike’s Hot Honey chips and their focus on better-for-you snacks presents valuable opportunities for independent retailers. By capitalizing on these trends, independent retail store owners can boost their sales and stay competitive in the market.

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