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HI-CHEW’s Reduced Sugar Line and Exciting Upcoming Products

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HI-CHEW, the popular confectionery brand, has released a Reduced Sugar flavors line to cater to the growing demand for healthier alternatives. The double-layered fruit-flavored chews are made with concentrated fruit juices and purees, and include dietary fiber to reduce sugar content by 30%.

Are you an independent retailer looking for innovative products that meet the changing preferences of your customers? Look no further than HI-CHEW’s Reduced Sugar line, which has the potential to be a big hit in your store.

The decision to launch the HI-CHEW Reduced Sugar line was based on the increasing consumer interest in healthier alternatives, especially in the confectionery industry. As a result of the pandemic, more people are embracing a healthier lifestyle and seeking products that align with their shifting preferences. HI-CHEW recognized this need and wanted to develop a “better-for-you” lineup while staying true to their signature taste and texture that fans love.

The HI-CHEW Reduced Sugar flavors of Mango and Strawberry were launched in July 2022. These chewy treats feature a double layer of fruit flavor, created using concentrated fruit juices and purees. In addition, they contain dietary fiber (inulin) to reduce the sugar content by 30%. This new product allows customers to indulge their occasional sweet tooth while enjoying a reduced-sugar option.

By incorporating dietary fiber into its confectionery products, HI-CHEW has managed to reduce refined sugar levels without resorting to artificial sweeteners. They performed extensive testing to ensure that the substitution of traditional sweeteners with dietary fiber did not compromise flavor or texture. The result is a reduced sugar product that maintains the classic fruity taste and chewy texture that HI-CHEW fans adore.

The company is actively seeking opportunities to expand this lineup in the future. They aim to provide consumers with more delicious, reduced-sugar options that align with their evolving preferences for healthier choices. But that’s not all! HI-CHEW has exciting new products in the works for the rest of 2023 and early 2024. Retailers can look forward to the release of the HI-CHEW Fantasy Mix Stand Up Pouch in September. This 11-ounce pouch will contain fan-favorite flavors such as Rainbow Sherbet, Blue Hawaii, and Blue Raspberry. It’s an excellent addition to your candy aisle that will capture the attention of HI-CHEW enthusiasts.

In addition to the Fantasy Mix Stand Up Pouch, Morinaga America is set to launch HI-SOFT, a rich and creamy salted caramel chew. Caramel candy has been a staple of Morinaga’s product offerings for over 120 years, and HI-SOFT is their latest treat to satisfy caramel lovers. This delightful flavor was first showcased at the Sweets & Snacks Expo in Chicago and will soon be available to consumers at select retailers nationwide.

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