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Jack & Friends: Bringing Plant-Based Jerky to the Forefront

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Jack & Friends offers a unique twist to traditional gas station jerky by creating plant-based jerky made from jackfruit and pea protein. Founder Jessica Kwong developed the jerky to cater to busy millennials seeking health-conscious, plant-based options. Independent retailers should consider carrying these new plant-based products, as the market for such items is growing. With expansion plans and various flavors in the pipeline, Jack & Friends jerky provides an exciting opportunity for small retail businesses.

In the bustling world of plant-based foods, Jack & Friends stands out with its revolutionary take on jerky. This plant-based jerky, formulated using jackfruit and pea protein, is not your ordinary gas station snack. Founder and CEO Jessica Kwong created this nutritious jerky with a mission to satisfy the cravings of busy millennial urbanites seeking health-conscious options.

During her food science studies at Cornell University, Ms. Kwong discovered the versatility of jackfruit, an ingredient relatively unknown at the time. She saw the potential of merging this innovative fruit with the popular jerky category. After extensive research and product development, the nutritious and chewy texture she desired was achieved with the combination of jackfruit and hypoallergenic pea protein.

Jack & Friends currently offers three delectable flavors: tomato and poblano peppers, sweet barbecue, and ginger teriyaki. However, Ms. Kwong has big plans to expand her brand into different food product lines, exploring center plate options like frozen or refrigerated meals.

You can find Jack & Friends’ products on Ms. Kwong’s website and in select independent retailers on the East Coast. The brand’s focus is on expanding its presence in retail stores to cater to a broader audience. For now, their target is independent retailers, especially in coastal areas.

Independent retail store owners should consider carrying these innovative plant-based jerky products to tap into the growing market of health-conscious consumers. With plant-based diets becoming increasingly popular, Jack & Friends’ offerings cater to vegans, vegetarians, and flexitarians alike. By stocking these nutritious and flavorful jerky varieties, retailers can attract and retain health-conscious customers, providing them with a unique and delicious snack option.

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