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Mondelez’s SnackFutures Bets on Innovative Startups for the Future of Snacking

Mondelez’s SnackFutures, a hub for food innovation, has chosen its third cohort of startups for its CoLab class. This program aims to collaborate with and cultivate up-and-coming food and beverage businesses that align with the company’s goal of creating a healthier future through snacking.

In this latest class, SnackFutures has chosen an array of companies representing diverse product offerings. This includes innovations in plant-based snacks, nutrient-dense foods, and more. As a retailer, it’s worth keeping a close eye on these emerging brands, as they may soon be shaping consumer demand in the snack aisle.

Each selected startup offers unique products that reflect current consumer trends and the evolving snacking landscape. For example, one of the chosen startups, A Dozen Cousins, offers ready-to-eat, culturally-inspired beans that are both healthy and convenient, aligning with consumers’ growing preference for wholesome, flavorful snacks.

Other startups, like Edible Science, are focusing on functional foods. Their product, ‘Nanohydr8’, is a science-driven performance drink designed to enhance energy, endurance, and recovery – appealing to the rising number of health-conscious, fitness-oriented consumers.

The inclusion of companies like GoodSam Foods, which specializes in direct-trade chocolate and nuts, reflects a growing consumer emphasis on ethical sourcing and transparency in the food industry.


Mondelez’s SnackFutures’ latest cohort of startups reflects diverse and emerging trends in the snacking industry, from culturally-inspired foods and functional drinks to ethically sourced products. Retailers should keep a close eye on these startups as they could be key to meeting evolving consumer demand in the future.

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