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Sabra’s New Campaign: A Lesson in Strategic Co-Packaging for Retailers

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Sabra, the popular hummus and dip company, has launched a unique marketing campaign – ‘The Snack Your Snacks Would Snack.’ With the objective to extend the potential uses of their hummus, the campaign encourages consumers to consider Sabra hummus as a versatile condiment, rather than just a dip. This initiative offers retailers a creative lesson in strategic co-packaging.

‘The Snack Your Snacks Would Snack’ campaign includes a series of digital and social media ads, which cleverly pair Sabra’s hummus with other popular snacks like pretzels, vegetables, and even cookies. It reflects an inventive approach to cross-selling, which independent retailers can emulate.

Co-packaging is an effective marketing strategy that can enhance a product’s value proposition and optimize sales. By pairing complementary products together, retailers can entice customers to purchase multiple items at once, boosting basket size. The strategy can also expose customers to new products, creating the potential for additional sales in the future. Retailers can take inspiration from Sabra’s campaign and strategically co-package products that work well together, placing crackers and pita chips near the hummus and dips.

Sabra’s ‘Snack Your Snacks Would Snack’ campaign demonstrates a now common approach to maximizing product versatility and stimulating sales through strategic co-packaging and associating adjacent products, and retailers should capitalize on the brand’s efforts.


Sabra’s ‘Snack Your Snacks Would Snack’ campaign showcases a novel co-packaging strategy that retailers can utilize to increase sales. By bundling complementary products together independent retailers can boost their sales and remain competitive.

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