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TULA Skincare and Influencer Krista Horton Unveil New Lip Treatment – An Addition Beauty Retailers Should Note

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TULA Skincare has joined hands with Krista Horton, a well-known lifestyle influencer, to introduce a new lip treatment product to the beauty market. As trends lean towards influencer-led marketing and skincare-focused routines, this launch presents an opportunity for independent beauty retailers to diversify their skincare lineup.

Titled “Lip SOS Lip Treatment,” this product is a blend of nourishing and hydrating ingredients. The lip treatment also boasts a light pink tint to add a touch of color to the lips while providing the moisturization and nourishment that TULA Skincare is known for.

Leveraging the popularity of Horton, who has a strong following on Instagram, TULA Skincare aims to reach a broader audience with this launch. The collaboration aligns with the trend of influencers partnering with brands to develop personalized products that resonate with their followers.

Retailers could capitalize on the traction generated by such collaborations, stocking up on TULA products. Influencer-backed products often enjoy elevated visibility due to the existing fanbase and the unique personal touch that resonates with consumers. Stocking such products may attract a diverse customers, especially Gen Z, looking for products recommended by trusted influencers.

The Lip SOS Lip Treatment is available on the TULA Skincare website and through Ulta. Independent beauty retailers looking to boost their skincare offerings may consider this influencer-backed product. The unique blend of ingredients, combined with the power of influencer marketing, makes it a potential customer favorite.


The Lip SOS Lip Treatment by TULA Skincare and Krista Horton is the latest buzz in the beauty market, presenting an opportunity for beauty retailers to expand their skincare lineup. With influencer marketing at the forefront of the launch, this product stands to attract a wide customer base looking for quality skincare backed by their favorite influencers.

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