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Leveraging the Long-Awaited Release: Iconic Chardonnay Producer Branches into Pinot Noir

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The wine world is buzzing with excitement as an iconic Chardonnay producer finally ventures into the realm of Pinot Noir. This development presents an excellent opportunity for liquor stores to drive sales and engage customers.

The New Entrant in Pinot Noir

The renowned Chardonnay producer, Rombauer, known for their exceptional wines, has released a Pinot Noir. This release is significant as it marks the producer’s first foray into producing this popular variety of red wine. The new Pinot Noir is expected to carry the same standard of quality that the producer’s Chardonnay wines are known for, making it a highly anticipated product in the wine market.

Opportunity for Liquor Stores

How can liquor stores take advantage of this exciting release if you’re able to get your hands on it? Here are a few strategies:

  1. Promote the New Arrival: Use your store’s social media platforms, email newsletters, and in-store signage to announce the arrival of the new Pinot Noir. Highlight the producer’s reputation for quality Chardonnay as a selling point.
  2. Offer Tastings: If possible, arrange for in-store tastings of the new Pinot Noir. This gives customers a chance to try before they buy and can generate excitement around the product.
  3. Bundle with Other Wines: Consider creating a bundle deal with the new Pinot Noir and other wines from the same producer or other popular Pinot Noir wines. This can drive sales and introduce customers to new wines.
  4. Highlight in Store Displays: Feature the new Pinot Noir prominently in your store displays. This will draw attention to the new product and encourage purchases.
  5. Use Data and Analytics: Use data and analytics from Evidnt to understand your customers’ preferences and tailor your marketing efforts accordingly.


The release of a new Pinot Noir from a renowned Chardonnay producer Rombauer is an exciting development in the wine market. Liquor stores can capitalize on this by promoting the new arrival, offering tastings, creating bundle deals, highlighting the product in store displays, and using data and analytics to understand customer preferences. With the right strategies, this long-awaited release can help drive sales and enhance customer engagement.

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