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Riding the Bacon Wave: Creative Ways for Stores to Leverage the Bacon Trend

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Bacon is stealing the spotlight in the food industry, with restaurants finding new and creative ways to get bacon on their menus. In addition, a recent TikTok trend featuring air-fried crispy bacon has taken off, offering retailers an opportunity to ride this tasty wave.

New Bacon Dishes in Restaurants

Restaurants are leveraging the popularity of bacon by incorporating it into a variety of dishes, from bacon-infused burgers to bacon-wrapped scallops. Some establishments are even creating entire menus dedicated to bacon, satisfying the cravings of bacon lovers everywhere.

Air-Fried Crispy Bacon Trend on TikTok

In addition to restaurant innovations, the air-fried crispy bacon trend on TikTok is another bacon phenomenon that retailers can take advantage of. This trend involves using an air fryer to cook bacon to a perfect crisp, resulting in deliciously crunchy bacon that has won over many food enthusiasts on the platform.

Opportunities for Retailers

  1. Promote Bacon Products: Highlight various bacon products in your store, from traditional bacon strips to bacon-infused foods. Don’t forget to include air-fryer messaging in your promotion for Gen Z customers who want to try the TikTok trend at home.
  2. Mirror TikTok Recipes: Mirror some of the top trending TikTok recipes and post your own creations. This can help inspire customers and drive sales.
  3. Offer Recipe Suggestions: Provide customers with recipe cards or digital recipes that feature bacon as a main ingredient. Highlight the TikTok air-fried crispy bacon recipe along with other innovative ideas.
  4. Bundle Bacon with Other Products: Create bundle deals that include bacon and other products used in popular bacon dishes or the TikTok recipe. This could include an air fryer, cooking oil, and bacon for the TikTok trend.


The bacon trend offers a unique opportunity for retailers. From promoting bacon products and hosting in-store cooking demonstrations to providing recipe suggestions and offering bundle deals, there are various ways to leverage this trend. Utilizing data and analytics can also help retailers better understand their customers and make informed marketing decisions. So, let’s ride the bacon wave and bring home the bacon!

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